The focal point of our practice is litigation. While we spend a substantial amount of time in federal court, we also regularly handle matters at the state level. Our criminal law practice is concentrated in the area of white collar defense. On the civil side, we handle various types of business and commercial disputes, lawsuits brought under the False Claims Act, professional discipline and licensing proceedings, injury and accident litigation, and municipal program oversight.

We maintain regular and timely communication with each of our clients. Telephone calls and e-mail messages are returned promptly. All correspondence and pleadings either generated by us or received from third-parties are shared with our clients. Experience teaches us that this high level of contact avoids misunderstandings and promotes a positive attorney/client relationship.

Our billings are forwarded to clients on a monthly basis. They contain substantial detail. We encourage our clients to communicate with us if questions arise regarding any entries or charges appearing on our monthly statements. Again, experience teaches us that maintaining an open dialogue promotes a positive attorney/client relationship.

At Personius Melber LLP, we put in long hours. As a rule, we may be contacted most work day evenings and weekends, in addition to regular business hours. While we cannot forecast with certainty the outcome of any given matter being handled by us, our clients can be assured we will be well prepared and will advocate on their behalf in a competent, professional fashion.

We do not self promote. We will not do so on this website, nor in any other context. We place a premium on our reputation within the legal community. We encourage anyone who has questions regarding our commitment, legal expertise or professionalism to simply contact one or more of our peers in the Western New York legal community.